Scientific Writing

Grant Writing

Our grant writing services cover all aspects necessary for a successful application, including the preparation of templates, collection of essential information from project participants, and meticulous proposal assembly tailored to specific call criteria. We provide comprehensive budget planning, strategy building support, and proposal submission, extending to Grant Agreement preparation. Our partnership with Rosenthal-research offers professional market analysis, enhancing your application's competitiveness. Additionally, we organize hands-on workshops on Grant Writing, equipping you with the knowledge and skills for success.

Grant Assessment

Enhancing the depth of our Grant Assessment services, we meticulously scrutinize every aspect of your proposal to ensure it not only aligns with the eligibility criteria of the call but also possesses the distinctive qualities that make it standout. This includes a detailed proofreading process, identifying and rectifying any discrepancies, and offering tailored comments and suggestions for improvement. Our objective is to elevate your proposal's clarity, impact, and alignment with the funder's objectives, ensuring it not only meets the standard requirements but exceeds them, thereby significantly increasing your chances of success.

Documents Editing and Translation

Our expertise extends to all facets of scientific writing, from drafting impactful scientific publications to compiling comprehensive project reports. Our service ensures your research is presented clearly, professionally, and in a manner that resonates with your target audience, maximizing the impact and dissemination of your findings. In today's global research environment, effective communication across languages is vital. We offer translation services in English, Spanish, Catalan, German, French, and Turkish, ensuring your documents are accurately translated, maintaining the original meaning and context. Whether for scientific publications, project reports, or grant proposals, our translation services facilitate seamless international collaboration and knowledge exchange.