Project  Management

Large International Scientific Collaborative Projects

Managing large international scientific collaborative projects requires a robust framework that ensures smooth operation and achievement of objectives. Implementing and maintaining a solid project infrastructure is foundational, providing a clear roadmap from conception through completion. Regular interim, annual, and final reporting keeps stakeholders informed and engaged, ensuring transparency and accountability. A consortium agreement, when applicable, defines the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of all parties, fostering a collaborative environment conducive to success. These projects thrive on effective communication, both internally among team members and externally with stakeholders, which is optimized to ensure clarity and efficiency. Our approach encompasses all these aspects, ensuring that large-scale collaborations not only meet but exceed their ambitious goals.

Scientific Managers Network

At the heart of any successful scientific project is a network of skilled managers proficient in steering complex initiatives to fruition. This network thrives on robust internal and external communication strategies, ensuring that all members are aligned and moving forward together. A significant part of this involves the seamless organization and execution of scientific events, such as conferences, workshops, and training sessions. These events are meticulously prepared, executed, and followed up to maximize their impact and value to the project. Moreover, our provision of meeting space in Barcelona, Spain, through, offers an ideal setting for face-to-face collaborations, further enhancing the effectiveness of the scientific managers' network in driving project success.

Project Strategy Builder

Developing a comprehensive strategy for scientific projects involves a multi-faceted approach. From the initial stages of web design, development, and maintenance, to ensure a project's digital presence is informative and user-friendly, to the detailed planning and execution of events that bring together key stakeholders, every aspect is carefully considered. The Project Strategy Builder focuses on creating a cohesive plan that incorporates the writing and maintenance of consortium agreements, optimizing communication channels, and ensuring that infrastructure supports the project's evolving needs. With an emphasis on strategic foresight and meticulous organization, the Project Strategy Builder is an essential tool for any project looking to achieve its objectives efficiently and effectively.

SNM bears all requirements for the management of international consortia funded by the European Commission (PIC number 951025831).